Pop Up

The Effectdoctorstm team provide IV drips and B12 energy boosting intra-muscular shots.

We are a doctor delivered service (NHS trained Anaesthetists) offering bespoke medical therapies and specialising in wellness. We are normally based on Sloane Avenue in Chelsea.

We guarantee we will optimise your weekend experience!

B12 Booster Shot – £30 – a quick hit energy booster.

The Solution – £60 – The champagne of intravenous fluids. Physiologically balanced rehydration solution,
replacing your electrolytes and rehydrating you to the max.

The Hat Trick – £100 – Combining our balanced rehydration solution with prescription only medications to
relieve any symptoms of headache, nausea and fatigue to leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

The Vit Hit – £100 – Packed to the brim with vitamins including B12 and essential minerals this drip
replenishes your body’s essential micronutrients boosting your immunity, energy levels and making you fighting fit for your Monday morning
back at work.

The Mega Drip – £120 – Ease your recovery and reload your micronutrients in one hit! Rehydrate, boost your immunity, eliminate nausea, headaches
and re-energise with the ultimate cure for all your festival sins. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to do it all over again!